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easyRESCUE Database

The easyRESCUE database serves you and your safety on board!

On a voluntary basis, you can store information concerning you and your boat which are relevant from you as an owner of an easyRESCUE. With your data you create an information plattform which helps the emergency authorities to do the right things.

For example in cases of diabetes or pharmaceutical intolerance.

Besides yourself, only official authorities like "DGzRS" or "UK Coast Guard" will have access to your data. This is because of live saving reasons and happens only when your easyRESCUE will be activated.




Private Policy:

We, the Weatherdock Inc., Emmericher Strasse 17, 90411 Nuremberg (Germany), take the protection of your personal information very seriously and adhere strictly to the rules od data protection laws. In no event will the data be sold or passed on to third parties not life-saving reason.

Data Privacy Statement - Weatherdock AG

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