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The CPA³-alarm is an additional accessory to bundle different functions and actions at a central point.

The CPA³-alarm combines an acoustic signal generator for a triggered CPA-function and an incoming AIS S.A.R.T. emergency notification with a switch to change to the “silent mode” and an uncovered “PAN PAN”-switch.

This device receives impulses from the easyTRX2 and TRX2-IS, respectively once the set CPA-function has been triggered and turns them into acoustic signals. This also applies to the incoming AIS S.A.R.T emergency notifications. These two acoustic signals differ from one another in order to be able to allocate them more easily.

The “silent mode” switch turns off the transmit function of the connected easyTRX2 or easyTRX2-IS, with the result that no data about the vessel and its position is sent. This notification contains the message that you are having a problem and that you are asking for help. An AIS telegram type 14 is sent.

What is necessary to operate an easyCPA³-alarm?
It is required to have an easyTRX2 or an easyTRX2-IS in operation. Only with these two devices it is possible to set the incoming AIS signals in relation to the settings of the CPA-function and to initiate respective actions.
  • Dimensions
    Bottom plate: length 81 mm, width 31 mm
    Box: height 27 mm
  • acoustic pressure of the signal generator: 105 decibel
  • frequency: 2.9 kHz continuous tone
  • operating temperature range: -20°C - +60°C
  • operating voltage is analogous to the connected easyTRX2 or easy TRX2-IS
protective cap for the “PAN PAN” switch prevents an accidental triggering.

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