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Current Status

pdf leaflet leaflet easyTRX2 0.18 Mb 26.01.2011
pdf manual hardware easyTRX2 & TRX2-IS manual French 0.99 Mb 07.03.2011
pdf manual hardware Manual Hardware TRX2/TRX2-IS 1.02 Mb 2.2 07.03.2011
pdf Presentations Schematics-easyTRX2 0.2 Mb 1.0 07.02.2011





powerpoint easyTRX2 Software (A034) Complete package. Contains following:
  • Progamming-Tool 3.34
  • Terminal-Tool to view incoming Data on COM-Ports(only for analyse)
  • SD-Card Software
  • USB-Driver
  • Firmware 2.4.7
What is new:
Now you can select anchor alarm or silent modus by software.
1.39 Mb 3.34/2.4.7
executable Firmware 2.4.7 Improved better NMEA and USB timing 0.11 Mb 2.4.7
zip SD-Analysetool & Example SD card analysetool to test the funktion together with an example. 1.9 Mb 1.3

Like its predecessor the easyTRX2 receives ClassA and ClassB AIS signals and transmits your own boat’s data in accordance with ClassB-standard.
We added some new features, indeed:
The gadget comes with a USB-port, now. You can select between 38400 or 4800 Baud data rate. There are 8 LEDs for a convenient display of every active feature. The new easyTRX2 has got an independent CPA-Alarm algorithm to interpret incoming data immediately. TXR2 can also be used as a power source for external CPA alarm signal as well. The TRX2 has got an SD Card Recorder to enregister all data like it’s done by a “Black Box”. Three gadgets
with different Baud rate can be connected by means of an integrated multiplex input. Last but not least there are various separated cables harness to activate “Silent Mode” or “Mayday
AIS” permanent signal by tripper-switch.

Requirements for the easyTRX2
You need separate VHF and GPS antennas for the easyTRX2. However, it works alternatively with easy SPLIT OCB connected to the existing VHF antenna. Nevertheless a separate GPS antenna is a must-have. As another alternative Weatherdock offers the VHF/GPS combi antenna easyTRX ANT for the easyTRX2.
  • AIS receiver and transmitter with integrated GPS receiver
  • 1 transmitter, 2 receiver (one receiver switches between AIS and DSC channel)
  • Responsivity: -107 dBm
  • Data rate: 38.400 or 4800 Baud, bi-directional
  • NMEA telegram: VDM
  • GPS receiver corresponding to IEC61108
  • Adapter VHF antenna: 50 Ohm, SO239
  • Adapter GPS antenna: 50 Ohm, TNC
  • Adapter onboard electric supply: 10 V – 32 V DC
  • 198 mm (L) / 158 mm (W) / 47 mm (H)
  • Weight: 375 grams (approx.)
■ AIS ClassB CS Tranceiver
■ certified by BSH (BSH / 46162 / 4320939 / 10)
■ Facile installation and application
■ PC-software for configuration included
■ Software for AIS data display on screen
  • Separate cables for “silent” or “mayday-AIS” for persistent signal
  • Additional USB-Port
  • 38400 or 4800 baud rate select with software
  • Operating display with 8 LEDs
  • CPA-Alarm even without plotter connected
  • Can be used as power source for external CPA signal
    • easyCPA A052 / easyCPA³ A056 misc. Equipment
  • Enlarged voltage input 10-32V DC
  • SD Card Recorder for Blackbox employment
  • Multiplexer integrated
  • AIS-S.A.R.T. Alarm even with disconnected plotter

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