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Current Status

pdf leaflet TRX leaflet 2.51 Mb 2.0 28.05.2009
pdf leaflet TRX leaflet 0.41 Mb 1.0 16.03.2009
pdf manual hardware TRX manual hardware 0.72 Mb 2.11 04.06.2009
manual software Failure report description 0.02 Mb 1.0 29.11.2010
pdf manual software TRX manual software 1.02 Mb 1.51 04.06.2009
pdf specification TRX specification 0.17 Mb 1.0 16.03.2009





zip easyTRX Prog-Tool 1.14 Mb 2.1
zip easyTRX Programming Tool Programming Tool to insert ship data in the easyTRX
e.g. MMSI, Shipname, Callsign, etc.
0.7 Mb 2.2
powerpoint Flash Firmware Download for the latest flash firmware of the easyTRX, Stand 30. October 2008 (Eliminates problems for booting after a power cut down. The upload of the software is only necessary for user who deducted the problem already. How to uplod the new firmware please refer to the manual! 0.15 Mb
executable Flash Firmware Download of the newest flash firmware for easyTRX, revision date 13th July 2010 (Improved VSWR measurement of antenna. Minor changes.) 0.54 Mb
powerpoint TRX Software without framework If you have problems with the microsoft framework, you can use this software without framework update. 17.38 Mb
powerpoint Windows application software Version X309: Newest easyTRX software "Link2AIS" without coast line from 19.03.09 Zip-file, replaces software W423 46.19 Mb 2.0

The easyTRX receives AIS radio signals, both class A (sent by commercial & larger crafts) and also Class B (sent by an increasing number of leisure crafts). The signals are converted into a NMEA message, which can be displayed on AIS enabled chart plotters or on P.C. software (Supplied). The easyTRX also transmits your yacht´s own dynamic & static ship data, so you can be seen by other AIS equipped vessels.

What else do I need to use easyTRX?
You need a dedicated GPS antenna which we can supply and either a VHF antenna or our special splitter - easySPLIT OCB - The easySPLIT OCB enables you to use your existing aerial.

What fits to the easyTRX?:
If you wish to program your ship static data (Name, length etc. etc.) or display received data on a P.C., your PC must be at least equipped with Windows XP with SP2 and a display resolution of 1024 x 768.
Before transmitting you need your own ship´s MMSI number, but you can receive AIS data until this programmed in. Your dealer can supply you with a fully programmed easyTRX, ready to switch on.

  • AIS Transceiver with integrated GPS receiver (GPS antenna not included)
  • 1 transmitter, 2 receivers (One receiver is changing between AIS and DSC channel)
  • Sensitivity: -107 dBm
  • Baudrate: 38,4 kB, bi-directional
  • NMEA protocol: VDM
  • GPS receiver according IEC 61108
  • VHF Antenna connector: 50 Ohm, SO239
  • GPS Antenna connector: 50 Ohm, TNC
  • Power supply: 9,6 VDC - 15,6 VDC
  • Power consumption: 4 W in transfer mode
  • Ambient conditions: splashproof according IP67, -25°C to 55°C
  • 198 mm (l) x 158 mm (w) x 47 mm (h)
  • Weight: 375 g
  • AIS Class B CS transceiver with latest Micro Processor technology
  • Fully certified through official authorities
  • Silent mode capable
  • (Push of one button* to receive only)
  • PC Software for configuration, but also to display AIS information on the PC, included.


  • GPS & VHF combined antenna, part number A028
  • GPS antenna dedicated to easyTRX, part number A029
  • Silent mode capable
  • easySPLIT OCB, part number A027
  • Article number A023

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