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Company history and company profile of the Weatherdock AG

[The Weatherdock founders]

The company Weatherdock AG is a corporation. The company started in the marine market in 2006.
At present, there are 20 people working for the company and the continuous endemic growth since the founding of the company is steadily ongoing.

The company is completely self financed and the shares are in private hold. The company Weatherdock is led by the three executive partners, Alfred Kotouczek Zeise, Juergen Zimmermann and Wolfgang Werner. The organizational target is to manage, despite the still small size of the enterprise, Weatherdock in a professional and industrial way. That is made by modern management processes, which have been used by the entrepreneurs in the past 15 years by themselves in a large international enterprise.

The products are sold by more than 50 distributors in more than 25 countries.

Company History



Market entrance into electronics for the pleasure boat market with the first AIS receiver "easyAIS" and antenna splitter " easySPLIT"



2 new innovative products per year in the area of radio reception for the pleasure boat market, as e.g.:

        * easyAIS 2nd Generation, AIS receiver
        * easyTRX AIS Class B transceiver
        * easyDVBT, DVBT Television by means of a regular VHF antenna



Award "Founder of the year" 2008 by the Metropolis Area of Nuremberg for market success and social competence.


SEGELN Award 2012: Winner is easyRESCUE
The AIS Search and Rescue Transponder easyRESCUE by Weatherdock was honored with the SEGELN Award 2012 in the category "SAFETY" on 22nd January 2012 in Düsseldorf.

The SEGELN Award is the most important award for yacht equipment and we are proud and delighted in equal measure to have received this honor. It is an acknowledgement of the product and of the hard developmental work behind it.


The business philosophy of the company Weatherdock can be described by the following 4 guidelines:

We make data reception safe, easy and comfortable.
Our customers receive a first-class product, which assists and is easy to use.
We solve all our tasks far above the average.
We bring ideas forward.