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Press release 'Founder Award 2008'

Press info, July 2008:

Bavarian Electronics for the "Seas of the world" Germany, Nürnberg.
Founder of the year of the Metropolis Area Nürnberg (2,5 Mio habitants with 110.000 small and big companies) in southern Germany is the company "Weatherdock".

The award was given to Weatherdock for market success as well as for the social competence of the company.

The idea for the product line was created during a visit of the founders at the Hamburg boat show in 2005. An already existing technology for commercial vessels was transferred in a very clever and innovative way into the pleasure boat market. With the products of the company Weatherdock the captain of a private yacht can see all commercial vessels around at their real position as a symbol on his own navigation chart plotter.

The product easyAIS (Automatic Identification System) is specially designed for easy use and is distributed all over the world. Already in the second year after the founding of "Weatherdock" five further products have been launched to offer a complete product range of AIS products, from VHF antenna couplers to AIS transceivers.

The company grew from the 3 founders at the beginning to actually 9 employees. The owner and the CEO of the company, Alfred Kotouczek-Zeise describes the company in the following way: "We do have still a small company, but we manage it very smartly and professionally like in the big industries. This is the key to the success we had and we'll have!" The strategy of the company is to cooperate with local suppliers on a long term base. At the moment, Weatherdock contracts three engineering offices as well as an electronic service manufacturer within a range of 200km around the site of Nürnberg in Germany. Due to the good order situation from Weatherdock, the electronic manufacturer was also able to generate two new working places.

The core competence in development and production is in the area of high frequency technology.

Decisive for the "Founder Award" of the jury were besides the exceptional good market success and the 100% self financing of the company also the fact, that the company Weatherdock is agitating for senior employees "50+" and school-leavers. Two "50+" senior specialists, as well as two school-leavers for an education to an electronics system technician, by training on the job and at school, were hired. This social responsibility as well as the dynamic growth was so convincing for the jury, that Weatherdock did receive this honorable and worthy award "Founder of the year 2008 for Market success and Social Competence" of the Metropolregion Nürnberg. The prize is honored with 10.000€ as well as with promotion in TV and national magazines and newspapers.

Contact for further requests (e.g. detailed company information, pictures, etc.)

Name: Alfred Kotouczek
Adress: Am Weichselgarten 7, 91058 Erlangen
Phone: 09131 - 691 460
E-Mail: akotouczek@weatherdock.de

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