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  1. What about the compatibility of Weatherdock WiFi products?


1. What about the compatibility of Weatherdock WiFi products?
All Weatherdock WiFi products, such as easyAIS_WiFi, easyAIS-IS_WiFi, easyTRX2_WiFI and easyTRX2-IS_WiFi, are fully compatible with popular AIS navigational apps for iPad, iPhone or iPod, e.g.
  • iNavX (charged)
    A new licens is mandatory. An existig licens for Chart plotter is not useable.
  • AIS Radar (charged)
  • iPilot (charged)
  • easyAIS(free in Appstore(Apple) and Playstore(Google))
All Weatherdock WiFi-devices are also compatible to the charged Android-App iRegatta.

The WiFi units are ready for the usage with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 while system is running 32 bit.

Please use following values to connect to your WiFi-Device:
Ip adress:
Port: 5101
You´ll find password and network name underneeth your device.

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