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24.05.2012 - feeling save - easyRESCUE

[Boris Herrmann]

Boris Herrmann and Giovanni Soldini feel comfortable save with the easyRESCUE

Already at the previous Barcelona World Race, in which Boris Herrmann
took part, all teams, participating in the non-stop-regatta around the
world, were equipped with the AIS S.A.R.T. transpopnder easyRESCUE from the German Weatherdock AG at Boris
Herrmann's desire.


For his new project, to set a new world record for a "Non-Stop North-Atlantic-Crossing" from New York to England, Boris is sailing with the Italian sailing legend Giovanni Soldini and a ten-menber international crew. Each member has got his own AIS S.A.R.T. easyRESCUE.

The professionals feel save with the easyRESCUE and they trust in the technology. The added "thank you card" shows how much they trust!

We are very glad about this!